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Kumpul Blogger (English)

Kamis, 06 Juli 2006


Some Important Question In around Kumpulblogger

What [is] Kumpulblogger ?
[Is] Network Blogger Indonesia to get perquisite alternative, by providing spot / column [at] its its[his] as place submit commercial message from Advertiser

Do will succeed ?

Still too early to say that of do Kumpulblogger will succeed or [do] not, Efficacy determined by many or [do] not it[him] enthusiastic Blogger Indonesia and also many [do] not it[him] enthusiastic Advertiser to expend activity [of] its its[his] online [pass/through] Kumpulblogger, To draw Advertiser enthusiasm, needed [by] a number of Blogger readying to participate, possible number 100 to 1000 amount of Blogger can draw Advertiser enthusiasm. Data of[is amount of Consumer Internet Indonesia which it is said stamp 20 million expected will bring enthusiasm / Advertiser fascination to [do/conduct] activity [of] Internet Marketing [pass/through] Blog media
Kumpulblogger more is having the character of [of] Eksperimental Projek, in this time Growth situation of[is Infrastructure fast Internet, having an effect on to amount of Blogging activity in Indonesia. By increasing it of[is amount of Blogger, resulting fascination / enthusiasm to some Brands/ Agency for the menjajaki of possibility submit Commercial Message to [all] Blogger and Each its Reader. Pursuant to this phenomenon, Kumpulblogger.Com try to muster strength [of] Blogger in one unity [of] medium, that is a[n network where each;every Advertiser can submit Commercial message effectively and is efficient. With Advertiser [do/conduct] activity [of] Campaign Marketing / publishing [pass/through] Kumpulblogger.Com, hence automatis, The message will be continued to entire/all Member Kumpulblogger.Com and each Reader [of] Pertinent Blog

What advantage to Blogger ?
Kumpulblogger will organize [all] Blogger to get advertiser, will be provided [by] report for the blogger of to hit the amount of gathered a success click and pageviews, this report also can be watched by real time by Blogger and also advertiser

What [of] advantage to Advertiser ?
Advertiser will get cumulative amount [of] bigger eksposure opportunity and pageviews compared to [doing/conducting] deal by 1-2 Blogger people. A number of Blogger with each is unique [of] reader will assist to improve the amount of audience. Advertiser enough register membership [at] Kumpulblogger, and can see Blogger - particular blogger which have been joined [by] [at] Kumpulblogger

Do I will quickly become rich [pass/through] Kumpulblogger ?
[Is] not Guaranteed !!!, We [do] not dare to guarantee that joined Blogger here will quickly get copious production, With rate for the blogger of , 1 times Click Type Text Links for the price of Rp.300, Mini Type [of] Banner for the price of Rp. 400 , hence can be [counted/calculated] [by] xself the amount of got [by] revenue [is] month;moon, do Blog you earn to reach for 100 times click ?, 1000 times click ? 10ribu times click ?, 100 thousand times click ? or not at all ?? Reckoning also hit how many amount of Advertiser Indonesia readying to expend its budget [of] nya [pass/through] activity [of] marketing online [pass/through] Blog?, By The way, with Internet Indonesia [cutomer/ client] data which it is said have reached 20 million, could probably be expected in drawing advertiser enthusiasm to [do/conduct] activity [of] online marketing campaign [pass/through] blog,

As Blogger, How I can join ?
Its way easy to once, Click SIGN UP menu, later;then [enter/include] e-maill address [at] available box, later;then check your mail. You'D be given [by] password for the Login of. You earn to register more than 1 Blog to participate in Kumpulblogger network. You'D be given [by] script / code to be attached / install [at] Your Blog. You earn to watch result of your production growth [at] this Kumpulblogger website


As Advertiser, How I can join ?
[Is] equal to way of above, Just list [at] SIGN UP menu, including e-maill address as login user, later;then check your mail. You'D be given [by] password for the Login of. You earn to register Advertising items / your advertisement. To 1 Unique Times Click Type Text Links [at] Items Advertising / Advertisement, Your [is] imposed [by] expense equal to Rp. 500 ( Five Hundreds Rupiah). For The Type Of Is Mini [of] Banner, Expense of per 1 Unique Times Click [is] Rp.700


What is the difference Kumpulblogger with Site Of a kind which have there [is] ?
If/When you have recognized Adsense,Adbrite and or Payperclick situs which in advance There [is], You surely have understood that the external Situs have many order and conditions. Especial difference [of] Kumpulblogger.Com with the external situs [is] from
1.Penggunaan Ianguage
Local Blogger Needn'T party to the existence of deduction because Blog [is] not written in English. Here [in] Kumpulblogger, Blogger can write with Indonesian, English and or vernacular

2.Karakteristik Goals market [At] Kumpulblogger,
Local Advertiser can reach a number of blogger with equality [of] certain Characteristic like socio-cultural equality / and culture equality [of] Ianguage

3. [At] Kumpulblogger,
[there] no use [of] certain keyword to present Advertisement items. [entered/included] Items to Kumpulblogger page;yard, will be propagated to a number of blog staying in Kumpulblogger network without reckoning keyword

Way of its its[his] like what ?
Way of [job/activity] very simple. Blogger provide slot/space to be placed as Advertisement media [at] each Its its[his]. Blogger enlist as Kumpulblogger member. Advertiser put down advertisement items [at] Kumpulblogger. Kumpulblogger will propagate message / advertisement prostitute to all blog which enlist [at] this Kumpulblogger network. Advertiser [release] expense to a number of Click which [is] Advertiser Message. Kumpulblogger.Com accept payment and pass to each Blogger as according to its achievement in getting the amount of Click [at] each Its its[his]. Clickfraud cannot be reckoned. Amount of Click determined from Unique IP Address Visitor, Items Advertisement which have diKlik from [is] same IP Address, will not be [counted/calculated]. Advertiser can see report concerning information from particular IP Address [is] source of Click come. Rate Advertisement for the Advertiser of [is] equal to Rp. 500 ( Five Hundreds Rupiah) to 1 times click, Blogger to every 1 times legal click will get Rp. 300 ( Three Hundred Rupiah

I interest Advertisement tide / advertisement, But How with Clickfraud ?
[Is] just [replied/ answered] [by] above, oke, we repeat
Clickfraud cannot be reckoned. Amount of Click determined from Unique IP Address Visitor, Items Advertisement which have diKlik from [is] same IP Address, will not be [counted/calculated]. Advertiser can see report concerning information from particular IP Address [is] source of Click come

As Blogger / publisher , when I can be paid ?
Payment, if your revenue minimize have reached 10 thousand rupiah, suggested to use Bank BCA and Paypal account to accept your payment

As Advertiser , Can I chosen particular Blog-Blog [is] I to use for the menyampaiakn of my message ?
Linking the amount of Blogger joined till now newly amount to 6000 Blogger, hence felt [by] less effective and efficient to [do/conduct] theme kategorisasi, Wait if amount of Blogger join to reach to minimize 100,000 blogger, will be [done/conducted] [by] classification / theme kategorisasi according to desire [of] Advertiser

How much/many is maximal [of] iklan/publishing/advertising displaying amount ?
Crucible Amount [of] Advertisement / advertising [is] counted 3 items, if have loaded 3 the Advertising slot, hence items you'd enter in list waiting list, up to other Advertising which [is] medium in a period of displaying reach maximum boundary [of] ordering. For example, taking example in this time there [is] 3 Advertising slot which have loaded, Advertising A ( with ordering 20 unique times click), Advertising B ( with ordering 50 unique times click) and Advertising C ( with ordering 10 unique times click), if among Advertising A,B,C which have reached limit of[is amount of click, hence the Advertising [is] not presented again, instead, Your items [is] existing in first list waiting sequence will emerge replacing it

Why of[is amount of click which I obtain;get [in] compared to slimmer kumpulblogger [of] similar service in other place 1. Kumpulblogger [do] not confess [done/conducted] click by Boot engine search situs like Google, Yahoo, Baidu. [Do] not confess [done/conducted] click by searcher robot/software/mesin. diligent to Searcher machine usually [do/conduct] indexing,crawling,spider. [In] the process [of] Machine / this robot automatic click in each link exist in web page;yard / blog
2. Kumpulblogger [do] not confess [done/conducted] click by software of a kind surfer paid and of the same nation
3. Kumpulblogger [do] not confess click come from [is] same IP to a[n blog and or a[n advertisement [at] spanning period which is near by
4. Kumpulblogger [do] not confess click coming from use [of] anonymous proxy web
5. Kumpulblogger [do] not confess click coming from easy IP Private setting [in] manipulation
6. Kumpulblogger suggest [do] not participate blog which only contain a few/little posting ( below/under 5 posting
7. Kumpulblogger suggest [do] not participate blog having the character of MFA ( Made For Adsense), that is made [by] blog [is] menggunkan copy of & paste from other blog, blog made simply to dredge up production from adsense, payperclick situs and adbrite, its characteristics can read here
8. Kumpulblogger suggest blogger [do] not trap reader to click advertisement which come up
9. Kumpulblogger suggest blogger [do] not click [by] xself its existing advertisement it[him] and [do] not [do/conduct] click arisan
all kinds of collision [do] not above (it) is true will not be [done/conducted] [by] banned, just only its perpetrator cannot get opportunity get rewards if known by kumpulblogger [party/ side]

There [is] System Referral nope ?
System Referral for the Blogger of of course there [is], To you recommending its Friend for the join of [in] Kumpulblogger.Blogspot.Com and the friend obtain;get the amount of click, hence each;every obtained click by your friend, You is as blogger will get Rp.25 for the Advertisement Of Mode Text Links, For The Advertisement Of Mini Mode [of] Banner, You'D get Rp. 50. System Referral only valid for 1 just level. Referral for the Advertiser of also there [is], To a success you recommend advertiser for the beriklan of [in] Kumpulblogger.Com, You'D get commission counted 3% from value purchasing [of] advertisement. And this go into effect also if the advertiser [do/conduct] order repeat, you still will get commission from purchasing [of] order repeat

What [of] Its Intention [of] Text Links and is Mini [of] Banner ?
Text Links [is] Advertisement in the form of Text , a few/little Link URL and boldness, Mini [of] Banner [is] Advertisement in form of Banner Size measure 125 times 125px. For the installation of Advertisement, Tariff Text Links [is] Rp. 500 to 1 unique times click, While for the Tariff of is Mini [of] Banner [is] Rp. 700 to 1 unique times click. For The Blogger of, If Advertisement Text Link diKlik mode By Visitor, Hence the Blogger will get Rp. 300 to 1 unique times click, [is] for the mode of is Mini [of] Banner, Blogger will get Rp. 400 to 1 unique times click

Are there possibility [of] advertiser installation price change
Yes, as according to economic situation growth and business, we might possibly make a change price, [so that/ to be] ini,bisa business continue to walk. Yes there [is] possibility [of] price change for the installation of compensation and advertiser to blogger. Start Sunday 18 May 2008, We go into effect new price which more reached to special advertiser for the installation of is mini [of] banner. for the installation of link text, price remain to like initialy. mini Advertisement installation [of] banner from price 1200 us degrade to become 700 rupiah. Because since mini fitur [of] banner gone into effect, we have never got advertiser [is] at all. Referring to situation like this, hence we will cut under [at] estimated level will be reached by our [cutomer/ client]

What its it[him] beriklan [in]
Its its[his] for example
1. We labour your Advertisement [of] di-Klik by human being is not engine search and program/aplikasi/robot/bot
2. Our labour your Advertisement free from click-fraud
3. Statistical [of] your advertisement click [of] us present time real, information of[is source of click, from particular blog, ipaddress, our browser type present at the time. Even you needn't login to see your statistic, enough step into this page;yard
4. Your advertisement besides coming up [at] our 4,010 member network, also come up on page front
5. cumulative Full scale [of] View Advertising in this time during 183 day , [is] counted 78,898,450, perhari mean present advertisement counted 431,139 times, this [is] big enough amount and have potency for the exposure of product / your service

[Whether/ what] scam ?
[Is] At All Non, This non scam, As enthusiastic Blogger join here, You needn't pay [for] any expense, as Advertiser, Expense which You [release], [is] expense to get Guest / visitor from a[n Blog to Website which you [is] Reference. [There] No Scheme Pyramid, System Downline/Upline/Referral here. Kumpulblogger [do] not promise Rich to Scheme Quickly [pass/through] Internet, As blogger, Your Production [in] Kumpulblogger.Com depended by many its[his] [do] not the amount of click going to Advertiser website from your Blog. way the by, becoming Blogger kan [do] not only think to get money easyly ? kan iya .. dong iya, a lot we earn from its activity [of] knowledge nya, wisdom, friendship [relation/link] / friendship, jobs, kerjaan [of] projek, life inspiration, life knowledge, congeniality / respect between humanity, trust from others which we not yet recognize sebelumnya...dan as nya. money than important more is it


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mkn aq juga masih tersendat...tapi kita coba dl ae....

Job Life 14 Juni 2009 04.40  

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